Skagit Valley Family YMCA


1901 Hoag Road, Mount Vernon, WA 98273
YMCA Site Map


An all-new, approximately 60,000 square-foot facility. Constructed to be accessible, efficient, modern, and sustainable.


This is our opportunity to expand the mission of the YMCA. A space that can provide many more of the Y’s health-oriented programs. It will be bright and welcoming, and will serve all ages, at all times, under one roof. A family space, a community space, a true cornerstone for our community.


Beginning in 1911 the YMCA has displayed a commitment of service to our community. It is a legacy that will continue to grow for generations to come.

Site Plan

YMCA Site Plan First Floor
YMCA Site Plan Second Floor

Project Timeline

  • Community needs assessment
  • Feasibility study for site and campaign membership
  • Project planning
  • Capital plan development

Mutually accepted purchase and sale agreement on 1901 Hoag Road.

Capital Campaign Kickoff Event

Groundbreaking and construction begins

Grand Opening – First Splash!


Why do we need a new YMCA?

The current YMCA was built in 1941 and has served members for the past 75 years. We need a new facility that is larger to serve more members, ADA accessible and provides double the aquatic and gym space than we currently have.

What will happen to the current building?

We currently lease the YMCA on Fulton Street from the Mount Vernon School District. After we vacate the building, the School District will utilize the space how they see fit.

Will the YMCA own the land for the new building?

For the first time in the YMCA’s 105 year history in Skagit Valley, we own our own land! We have purchased property at 1901 Hoag Road, adjacent to Salem Lutheran Church.

What elements will be included in the new Y?
  • Aquatics Center with two pools (lap pool and warm water pool)
  • Large Gym with one full NCAA sized court /can be divided into 2 gyms
  • Overhead Track
  • Wellness Center
  • Community Room
  • Learning Kitchen
  • Licensed Early Learning Center
  • Child Watch
  • Kid Zone
  • Teen Center
When is the new Y going to open?

The YMCA will be breaking ground on the new facility in Fall 2017, with an early Spring 2019 opening date for the “First Splash”.

Will member rates increase?

We are projecting going from 3,000 to 10,000 members when we open which will allow us to keep the monthly membership low; we are planning a nominal increase from current prices.

Will the Y continue to offer Financial Aid and Scholarships?

Yes. Currently 20% of our members are on a scholarship of some sort, on a sliding scale. We anticipate this percentage will stay the same with the new facility, which will serve 3x as many members.

Is this YMCA part of the National YMCA organization and will they be providing money toward the campaign? How much of the campaign money stays here?

The Skagit Valley Family YMCA is part of the National YMCA organization, which provides support with marketing and programming materials. We pay a 2% administrative fee to the National Organization for this support. The National Organization does not support local YMCA capital campaigns with monetary donations. 100% of funds donated to the campaign stay in Skagit Valley for our campaign.

What is the total project cost and how will it be funded?

The total project cost is $23 million. The project will be funded by:

  • $13 million privately donated funds
  • State grants, County and City partnerships
  • YMCA financing
  • Community partners, donations and commitments
What is the YMCA’s plan to fund future ongoing operations costs?

The operations pro forma for the new Y is strong, with three sources of earned income. First, the YMCA is projecting growth from its current 4,400 membership to approximately 12,000 members which will provide ongoing membership revenue. Second, the YMCA plans to have the four classroom Early Learning Center onsite which will generate a strong, continued revenue source of earned income. Third, partnerships will result in an additional income stream in the building. The YMCA is committed to increasing its donor base and will be practicing good stewardship of our donors to ensure continued annual support of the new facility and programs.

Does the YMCA expect to have a "sinking fund" in place for building component replacement costs?

The YMCA will be setting aside $100,000 annually in a Building Reserve Fund for future repairs and replacements, beginning in 2019 when we open the new facility.

Are there naming opportunities in the facility?

Yes, there are various naming opportunities starting at $25,000. Families are most welcome to pool resources and make a joint pledge. All gifts of $50,000 or more (regardless of naming rights) will be on the Builder’s Wall in the lobby of the new Skagit Valley Family YMCA.

Please see the Donor Commitment Form for all naming opportunities.

What are the YMCA Administration and Campaign Overhead costs?
  • Administration overhead costs are 8% and the administrative fee to YMCA National of 2%. This makes the total overhead for the Skagit Valley Family YMCA 10% total. (Industry standard is 10-12%)
  • Campaign Overhead costs are 2.9%. The cost is able to remain so low because of the dynamic volunteer steering committee we have assembled who are taking on a large portion of tasks related to the Campaign. (Industry standard is 3-5%)
How can I get involved and learn more?

This project will be successful with a combination of Time, Talent and Treasure! To get involved, please contact Dean Snider at: or 360 336 9622 360 336 9622.

I grew up at the Y. So did my children. And now so will my grandchildren.
Colleen Fisher, Tri Hi-Y Member